Dalkeith Nguni
Dalkeith Nguni

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Cliff Jones

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Dalkeith Nguni is situated in a small valley on the Blaauwkrantz River at Manley Flats, between Grahamstown (Makanda) and Bathurst. It is run by Cliff Jones and his manager Zongezile Cekiso.

We have been developing this small heard of about 70 Nguni cows over the course of the past 10 years. Their focus has been on reproductive performance and increased weaning weight relative to dam mass; which has been well achieved and which we continue to improve all the time. We only put our heifers to the bull close to 24 months; so our stock can only calve for the first time between about 30 and 34 months, and should not be considered late developers.

Our focus remains to develop a cow that consistency produces a calf every year throughout her reproductive life, after leaving us, with a high weaning weight relative to that of the dam. To achieve this, selecting the right bull is paramount - our herd sire for the last four years has been Mabala (PH 110151). When you see our stock, you will appreciate that we are achieving this goal.

We farm with very little intervention. With the exception of essential day-to-day husbandry (e.g. dipping, dosing, clean water and rotating camps) our our heard is pretty much left to fend for its self; which it does, and which ensures that we do not lose the characteristics that the Nguni breed is so well known for.

Once you have realised how productive an Nguni cow can be, and that they can wean a larger calf and every year, and once you have experienced the ease associated with running Nguni cows - there is no going back!

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