Umsenge Nguni Cattle Breeders

The two unique characteristics of this group is that all animals belonging to the breeders run on virulent heartwater, redwater and gallsickness veld in the Eastern Cape and secondly that all breeders pre-screen each others cattle for quality before allowing them on to the bi-annual Umsenge sale.

Buyers are therefore assured of quality & hardiness. 

This represents excellent opportunities to acquire top quality cattle, well adapted to harsh Eastern Cape conditions, and highly resistant to tick borne diseases.

Our next sale will be held on May 2025 at the Grahamstown Auction Yard.

Meet the Nguni Cattle Breeders

Bushkloof Logo

Bushkloof Ngunis

Our Nguni herd was started in 2001 & runs extensively on the farms Merino & Richmond in the Fort Beaufort district of the Eastern Cape. ....
Vernon & Julie Sparks
Bulela Ngunis

Bulela Nguni Stud

The Bulela Nguni Stud was established in 2015. The herd runs on the farm, Baakenkop, which is situated in the Alexandria District. ....
Chris van Aardt

Stryan Nguni

Stryan Ngunis have since 2007 been breeding hardy Nguni's on Thorn Park in the Fish River Valley between Grahamstown and Bedford ....
Jacques Strydom

Dalkeith Nguni

Dalkeith Nguni is situated in a small valley on the Blaauwkrantz River at Manley Flats, between Grahamstown (Makanda) and Bathurst ....
Cliff Jones

Qhina Ngunis

Qhina Ngunis was started in early 2004. Our cattle run near Fort Beaufort in the famous Smaldeel area of the Eastern Cape. ....
Glenam & Nicky Knott