Stryan Ngunis

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About Stryan Ngunis

Stryan Ngunis started in 2007 with top quality animals sourced from a wide genetic base. These animals were specifically selected to suit the breeding area while taking adaptability, productivity and hardiness into consideration.

Stryan Ngunis’ aim is to breed cattle that are fertile, early-maturing, low maintenance and well adapted. The fact that their animals graze heartwater tick-infested veld under the difficult circumstances of the Fish River Valley bushveld will enable them to withstand and adapt in similar environments; a tough conditioning that will allow them to adapt virtually anywhere in the country.

The herd is run as extensively and as naturally as possible with minimum management or interference.

Single sire mating is applied to Stryan Ngunis’ herd of 60 females. Their main herd sire is a Doug Reed bull, LEB 04/390. On his female progeny they are currently using FF 1051.

Average rainfall for the area varies between 250 and 350 mm per year with temperatures reaching 46 degrees C during the day in summer and -3 degrees C at night during winter.


Pierre Strydom
Cell: 082 575 7122 (no reception on farm, please use landline)
Tel/Fax: 087 150 1198 / 046 636 8906