Kragga Kamma Ngunis

Welcome to the information page of Kragga Kamma Ngunis. We are passionate about our herd which we started in 2007. From that time onwards we have bought in cattle from a wide base of genetics from all over the Eastern Cape to develop our Stud herd. Our selection is based on fertility and milk production.

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Location and Climate

Our herd is situated twenty kilometres from Port Elizabeth on the western side; approximately six kilometres from the coast as the crow flies. The area receives high rainfall, averaging around 700mm, mostly through the winter months. Our summers are predominantly dry with average temperatures, and our winters are mild with temperatures seldom reaching below 0 degrees.

Veld Type

We find ourselves in a coastal strip of indigenous bush with sandy soil. Our grasses vary from improved grazing to sour veld due to the prementioned high rainfall. Due to the coastal bush, our cows have adapted to browsing. With the veld as it is, tick-borne diseases such as Redwater, Heartwater and Galsickness are rife.


Our veld has a huge Phosphate deficiency, therefore necessitating the dietry supplementation of our herd through a phosphate block in Summer and a Protein block in Winter. We have a minimal-dipping programme, and we strive to dip only when the tick load is high, thus averaging on four times annually. Our cows are selected for mating with our bulls based on continual improvement of the herd. We look for, and strive to select for fertility, milk and temperament.

We believe in this breed for what it has and continues to show us in its adaptability and hardiness, and we firmly believe it is the “Breed from the Past for the Future“!!!


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