Report: Umsenge 11th Bi-annual Sale (23 Oct 2014)

Umsenge Nguni Breeders would like to thank Paul Hobson and his team for once again arranging an unbelievably successful sale.

*Auction report courtesy of our agents, Hobson & Co. Please support them at their website:

The Umsenge Nguni Group held their 11th Auction at the Hobson & Co sale yard in Grahamstown on 23 October 2014. The sale was a resounding success considering the unfair negative publicity surrounding the breed. A very good offering of 11 bulls and 76 females were sold on a 100% sale with prices realized very solid. The bull prices were good if not spectacular and Pierre Strydom of Styan Ngunis achieved the highest price of R26,000.00 for Lot 4 – a bull bred out of pure Umsenge genetics.  The bull was purchased by Mark Cotton, a new game and beef farmer in the district.  The bulls averaged R21,181.81 and sold in a range between R15,000.00 to R26,000.00.

The female sale started very cautiously and got better and better as buyers realized that there were not going to be any bargains. Interest was keen on an outstanding offering of top quality double screened young Nguni females. Top price was for a 3-in-1 Cow and Calf from Qhina Ngunis which was purchased by an old stalwart of the sale, Peter Amm of Salem. Other notable prices were R12,250.00 for a 4 months pregnant heifer sold by new Umsenge member Dale Cunningham, a cow and calf sold by the same seller for R13,750.00, R8,000.00 for an open heifer owned by Boetie Whittle of Slagboom Ngunis and R10,800.00 for a 6 months Pregnant Heifer sold by Qhina Ngunis.

The Umsenge group has welcomed 2 new members, namely Pat Hobbs a well-known breeder from the Kei Mouth area and Dale Cunningham a game and beef farmer from the Grahamstown District.These dedicated and open minded breeders need to be commended for holding an auction without reserve and also indicated that they are very positive about the breed and the future for the breed. New development in the feedlot industry as well as the proven hardiness and adaptability of the breed still make it a very good option to farm with on harsher veld.

Sale Averages were as follows:

Type of Stock No of Stock Average Price Top Price Seller
Bulls 11 R21,181.81 R26,000 Pierre Strydom
Pregnant Heifers (>5 Months) 45 R7,840.00 R10,800 Glenam Knott
Pregnant Heifers (<5 Months) 9 R8,466.66 R12,250 Dale Cunningham
Cows & Calves 7 R9,685.71 R14,750 Glenam Knott
Open Heifers/Running with Bull 19 R6,147.37 R9,000 Boetie Whittle

 Top Priced Bulls

Highest priced bull, STR1136. Sold by Pierre Strydom for R26,000.
Highest priced bull, STR1136. Sold by Pierre Strydom for R26,000.
2nd Highest price bull, RV1152. Sold by Vernon Sparks for R25,000.
2nd Highest price bull, RV1152. Sold by Vernon Sparks for R25,000.

Top Priced Females


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