May 2010

Held under the auspices of the Nguni Cattle Breeders’ Society, the Umsenge Nguni Breeders Group had their 3rd annual production sale in Grahamstown on 19 May 2010.

Despite the critical drought in the area, and prevailing economic uncertainty, the sale was again a resounding success, with prices for female animals being achieved as good as and better than stud sales elsewhere in the country. This can largely be attributed to the quality of cattle on offer, and the fact that these animals are specifically raised on virulent heartwater, gall sickness and redwater veld. On the farm screening of cattle by group members ensures that only animals of acceptable standard are allowed onto the sale, irrespective of their stud status. The screening process this year was even more stringent than previous years, and the improved quality of animals on offer was again confirmed by independent Society inspectors who conducted the standard pre sale inspection required for sales under Society auspices.

The demand for bulls was a little disappointing probably due to the large number of bulls on offer (18 animals), and the fact that generally across the country, prices for Nguni bulls have softened on average. Nevertheless all bulls sold albeit at lower average prices than in previous years. The top price received was R18 000 and the average was R12 272.

For females, top prices and average prices per category are reflected hereunder:

Cow and calf Three in one Pregnant cow Pregnant heifer Open heifer
Top price R12 500 R13 500 R15 000 R16 000 R7 000
Average R8 421 R9 718 R8 044 R10 820 R5 085

Given that there is a proven demand for high quality Nguni cattle which are hardy and disease resistant, The Umsenge Breeder’s Group is considering holding a second production sale in October this year. Subject to confirmation, this will be advertised on this website and via other media.

The group wishes to thank all the buyers for their support particularly those who travelled from far to acquire animals on the sale. We are also grateful to the sponsors who help meet the administration costs of the sale. Brandon Leer, our auctioneer now for three years in a row performed at his usual best, and we thank him for the professional manner in which the sale was conducted. And, not least, we are indebted to our agents, Hobson and Co, who, again this year have put a great deal of effort into making the sale the success that it was.