May 2014 – Bulls

We are proud to offer the following bulls for sale at our upcoming auction, on the 8th of May in Grahamstown. Click on an image to enlarge or on the PDF link to view the bull’s Extended Pedigree Certificate.

Lot 001 STR1108(1)
Lot 001 STR1108(2)
STR814 Dam of Lot001
RV0726 Sire of Lot001

Pedigree of Lot001

Lot 002 RV1134(1)
Lot 002 RV1134(2)
RV0502 Dam of Lot 002
RV0535 Sire of Lot 002

Pedigree of Lot002

Lot 003 WT11100(1)
Lot 003 WT11100(2)
WT7101 Sire of Lot 003

Pedigree of Lot 003

Lot 004 Q11083(1)
Lot 004 Q11083(2)
Q08013 Dam of Lot004
FF04055 Sire of Lot004

Pedigree of Lot004



Lot 005 STR1105(1)
Lot 005 STR1105(2)
STR 0815 Dam of Lot 005
RV0726 Sire of Lot005

Pedigree of Lot005

Lot 006 RV1129(1)
Lot 006 RV1129(2)
RV0303 Dam of Lot 006
RV0399 Sire of Lot 006

Pedigree of Lot006

Lot 007 RV1144(1)
U0274 Dam of Lot 007
FF02159 Sire of Lot 007

Pedigree of Lot007

Lot 008 Q11063(1)
Lot 008 Q11063(2)
Q08031 Dam of Lot008
FF04055 Sire of Lot008

Pedigree of Lot008

Lot 009 Q12009(1)
Lot 009 Q12009(2)
Q09039 Dam of Lot009
Q08036 Sire of Lot009

Pedigree of Lot009


Lot 010 RV1151(1)
Lot 010 RV1151(2)
RV0821 Dam of Lot 010
ISF0622 Sire of Lot 010

Pedigree of Lot010