Auction 24 Oct 2013

*Auction Report courtesy of Hobson & Co. Hobson & Co is a leading provider of agricultural and livestock services in the Eastern Cape.

The Umsenge Nguni Auction turned the form book on its head and had an excellent sale on Thursday 24 October. In an upset about as big as the Sharks beating the Stormers, the prices achieved were way above expectation and interest in pregnant heifers was extraordinary. 40 Buyers registered for the auction on a beautiful spring day after good general rains in the Eastern Cape.

The quality and condition of the animals on sale was outstanding and the auction yard was spic and span for the occasion. Pregnant and open heifers were in huge demand with all types of cows under pressure. Bulls sold well on a very discerning market where buyers were prepared to pay for their choice. Glenam Knott of Qhina Ngunis achieved the two highest prices for bulls, namely  R45000 for lot 7 which sold to Dr Steve Cockcroft of Adelaide and R39000 for lot 12 which was sold to Pete Amm of Lindale Safaris of Salem. Qhina Ngunis also sold the top priced pregnant heifer lot 97 for R23000 to Allan Frost from Uitenhage. Neil Dawson achieved R9000 (Lot 102) for a 3-in-1, R11500 (Lot 81) for a cow and calf as well as R10500 for an open heifer (Lot58) which proved to be the top prices in their respective categories. Leroy Ngunis (Rod & Leonie Yendall) sold the top priced cow for R11250 (Lot 67).

The group is to be commended for having a sale without reserve so as to meet the market and there were only two not sold animals on the sale which received no bid. Prices were as follows:

Type of stock sold No of Stock Sold Average Price Top Price Seller Buyer
Bulls 12 R25250 R45000 Qhina Ngunis Dr SC Cockcroft
3-in-1 Cows & Calves 6 R7666 R9000 PA Dawson & Son Jonathan Knott
Cows & Calves 15 R7633 R11500 PA Dawson & Son Greg Altona de Klerk
Pregnant Cows 15 R7350 R11250 RJ Yendall Greg Altona de Klerk
Pregnant Heifers 42 R11744 R23000 Qhina Ngunis Allan Frost
Open Heifers 11 R7909 R11000 PA Dawson & Son Allan Frost
Commercial Females:
Pregnant Heifers 9 R5044 R5500 Dr SC Cockcroft Colbert Maqula
Open Heifers 4 R4900 R5000 Dr SC Cockcroft Fezile Ntobongwana



Lot 007 Q1136(2). R 45,000. Sold by Glenam Knott (Qhina) Ngunis.
Lot 097 Q11103. R 23,000. Sold by Glenam Knott (Qhina Ngunis).
Lot 102 LP0676. R 9,000. Sold by Neil Dawson (Kragga Kamma Ngunis)
Lot 081 FHU0767 Cow & Calf. R 11,500. Sold by Neil Dawson (Kragga Kamma Ngunis)
Lot 058 DS1124 Open Heifer. R 10,500. Sold by Neil Dawson (Kragga Kamma Ngunis)
Lot 067 RY1002. R 11,250. Sold by Leroy Nguni Stud


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